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Counselling Wiltshire offers self referral access to affordable one to one counselling sessions for adults and couples.  Change comes about through the widening of your level of awareness and what you know about yourself, providing you with increased knowledge, choices and resources. This is done by the willingness to share your story and work with your therapist to help you identify the feelings that accompany tricky chapters in your life. Allowing your emotions and feeling to accompany your experience is key.  You are in control of the pace you do this and your therapist will help you find the resources you need to help you.  Generally counselling will help those willing and able to embark on this journey. 

So perhaps you are suffering in the hands of others or maybe you wonder if your pain comes from within and find it hard to change. Sometimes it is emotions and urges that plague the day such as anger, frustrations, guilt, regret, self destruction, rebellion, low self esteem, self worth or an over active internal critical voice shouting 'should's' all the time, preventing us from living a fulfilling life.  These are just a few examples.


Counselling can deal with most emotional issues or past experiences which leaves you with all sorts of symptoms for example depression, irritability, loss of interest, numbing, decreased concentration, insomnia, emotional overwhelm, hopelessness, shame and worthlessness, loss of memories, mistrust, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, inability to tolerate uncertainty, low self confidence, substance abuse, disordered eating, self destructive behaviours or indecision. For the client suck in the midst of symptoms it can often feel difficult to work out where these symptoms have come from.  

Luckily that is why we have so much extensive training so that we can accompany you on this journey and spot the things which are not easy to see and bring them to your attention, gently and appropriately.  Therapy also addresses the popular concerns of relationship breakdown, loss or bereavement, anger management, weight loss, thoughts of suicide, addiction, dealing with unexpected change (job loss, redundancy, physical health symptoms, disability) that impact your ability to function freely most days. Counselling can deal with the unravelling of long standing complex emotional difficulties and shorter term concerns.

I work closely with Janina Fisher PhD who's approach really seems to help those who have complex trauma symptoms such as borderline personality disorder, disassociation disorders and similar NHS labels.  Although I am not limited to one theory or approach and integrate many useful techniques according the individual clients need at the time.

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Ever felt like something in your head is holding you back?  Counselling is a talking therapy which helps restore emotional well being. It provides a unique perspective for those wanting to evaluate and change how life is being experienced. 

Gilly offers counselling in Swindon to those looking for a qualified BACP Counsellor working in the Swindon and Wiltshire area.

​I welcome clients who present with most emotional concerns (with my main exclusion being areas concerning sexual related issues, as I have no training in this area). Although my practice welcomes almost all emotional symptoms, my special interest is in reducing the symptoms of trauma, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety, depression, destructive behaviour and attachment (relationship) related behaviour. 

My favourite  area of work is with the self belief that there is something wrong with us because we are not '......' enough (fill in the gap, not good enough, clever enough, thin enough, worthy or deserving enough... ) this belief grinds us to a stop, telling us we can't achieve our dreams because we are somehow broken and if we do try shame plays it's other favourite tape 'who do you think you are...' Shame  paralyses couples by shooting blame between, or burns us out by making us people pleasers; again this behaviour comes from trauma.

I bring extensive knowledge and experience of working as part of a clinical team in a private residential clinic in Wantage specialising in trauma under the direction of one of the world leading trauma experts Janina Fisher PhD.  


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My private practice is open :

Monday       Morning 9.15am & 10.30am

                      Lunchtime 12.15pm & 1.30pm 

                      Evenings 7.15pm & 8.30pm

Tuesday       Evenings 7.15pm & 8.30pm

Wednesday Contacted out                    

Thursday     Morning 9.15am & 10.30am

                      Lunchtime 12.15pm & 1.30pm

                      Evenings 7.15pm & 8.30pm

Friday          Morning 9.30am & 10.45am & 12noon 

Spring Availability:

I have 3 day time spaces and 1 evening slot coming available. 

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