counselling in Swindon by Gilly Chapell

About  me

Qualified to degree level in integrative therapeutic counselling, with extensive experience of trauma related symptoms gained from  setting up counselling hubs within children's centres to support parents and volunteering in a variety of settings before working in private practice where I have worked for many years now. 

In counselling, it is important that you can find a professional and experienced therapist to work with.  I am a fully qualified Clinical Practitioner in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling. My approach combines Person-Centred and Psychodynamic theories providing clients with options of short term or open ended therapy but over the years I have bolted on many different theories into my client led approach. I can be found on the BACP's Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists, certificate number 054329.  This register was accredited under a Parliamentary Scheme in 2013 to protect clients and support best practice.  Counsellors on this register are provided with a logo containing their own number which can be checked on the BACP website. I am also a member of TAG the Trauma and Abuse Group.  I work ethically and I am a trusted pair of hands for clients. 

About  clients

Some clients know their limitations, spot trouble ahead or want to make changes and know they need to seek help to achieve this.  Whilst at the other end of the spectrum others are right at their wits end before they get in touch. Having been unable to improve their experience of life, they are exhausted from battling it alone and their situation quickly tumbles and spirals out of control.  Whilst looking at counselling sites can offer some hope, some become so scared to share what is going for fear of judgement or because they have no idea how there might be a logic explanation. The good news is there nearly always is a logical explanation for the emotional experience or symptoms. Clients often confess with relief they experience after gaining some sight from a trained ear.  Sometimes clients report sudden, strong and long lasting emotional 'storms' for want of a better term, which either last for hours or sometimes days, which on reflection feel out of proportion for the situations.  These symptoms come under the heading of trauma and relief can be found.

The truth is if you are looking at counselling there is a part of you which wants support and it is time to give that part of you a voice and permission to be heard. 

​What is important to you really matters and if it important to you then it really matters to me too. Your emotional well being is important and you really matter.


Counselling is a unique experience for those wanting to broaden their self awareness and change how they experience life.  

It is an opportunity to unravel; thoughts which maybe tie us up in knots, decisions which could make us go round in circles and change habits which might make us cringe to the core. Counselling can also be a life sustaining therapy for the emotionally bruised.